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The orphanage in Paterson

By coincidence, I visited a Paterson orphanage a few years ago. This is run by Peggy and her daughter Bulelwa. It is her private home and accommodates a total of 9 children aged 2 to 13 years. I know all the children's stories and I can assure you that no child should go through something like this!

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide food. 
During a visit to the orphanage, guests decided at short notice to

to buy a washing machine. 

Other guests bought a gas stove. 
And so many have supported the orphanage with food and clothing. 
A big thank you to everyone!!

The foundation for the stones has been poured


My sister, Britta Heidtke, runs a toy shop in Scharbeutz. 
The "Beach Flea Jo". For the 5th anniversary she held a raffle. 
She donated the proceeds (an impressive €1,500!) to the orphanage. 
The money will be used for an extension. 
At the moment the kids sleep in 2 rooms. Peggy, her daughter and another child share a room with one bed. There is really no space. 

The first walls have been erected.

Now two more rooms can be built. 

The kids will be accommodated in one room. 
The second room is used as a kind of playroom. 
Peggy would like to take in children during the day to earn money for groceries.

I think that's a step in the right direction. 
According to the motto: help for self-help. 
It's still a long and rocky road, but Peggy will make it - thanks to your support!


Would you like to support Peggy and the orphanage?
Of course it works!

Gladly via this Paypal button:

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