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Our "self-catering concept"

We want to provide ourselves and our guests with our own products. Marie created a garden for this. Here we can already harvest the following fruits and vegetables: Strawberries, raspberries, Cape gooseberries, kale, Swiss chard, beetroot, green asparagus, beans, green lettuce, pumpkin and kohlrabi. Unfortunately, it is not yet enough for complete self-sufficiency.

Bees and honey: from 2018 we will be able to take care of ourselves completely here.
Our two bee colonies "produce" approx. 50 liters per year!

Chickens: We already have enough eggs ...

and we started with the rearing of broilers and we can take care of all the chicken ourselves

Goats: We use goat milk to produce mozzarella, soft cheese, yoghurt, hard cheese and cream cheese.

Pigs: Starting with 5 animals, we now have an infinite number of offspring. We can completely supply ourselves with all "pork products. These include salami, tea sausage, liver sausage, sausages, wiener sausages, fried sausages, chops, meat and also meat sausage,
Cheese grill, ham, bacon and air-dried ham.

Cattle: We have chosen the "Nguni" breed. Originally the Zulus brought these cattle breeds to the Eastern Cape. The breed reproduces relatively quickly, is native to Africa, is known for its resilience and does not get along with much grass.

The Nguni fur has a variety of colors and patterns and is beautiful.

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