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Self service spa

Are you coming back from an exciting safari?
Or the dunes of Colchester? From a township tour?
From quad biking? From the national park?
From Port Elizabeth? Or from a whale watching tour?
And you want to relax?

Then we have the right offer for you!

Our "Self-Service Spa Package"!

If you have the time and desire, you will receive the electric one
"Lumi Spa" from the company "Nu Skin".
What exactly is the Lumi Spa? The company "Nu Skin" has the following description:

"Is the best cleaning device you can imagine:

With the oscillating vibrations of the patented Two Sense Motion Technology and the Activating Cleanser, which is optimally tailored to the LUMISPA, you will experience a first-class feeling of cleansing and smoothness. LumiSpa has an antibacterial effect with silver in the attachment, pumps dirt out of your pores and stimulates collagen production, so it cleans and tones at the same time in just 2 minutes of use morning and evening."

"1 step, 2 minutes, 7 advantages:
pore-deep cleansing, smooth skin,
refined pores, a fresher appearance, a radiant appearance,
soft skin, clear skin"






The Lumi Spa comes with the Activating Cleanser. 

The cleanser is sufficient for 2 applications.

We charge for the Cleanser (sufficient for 2 applications)

€ 9.50.

For further applications you simply buy a new Cleanser.

So very simple. And if you are enthusiastic about the Lumi Spa

or maybe you want to set up a business yourself, then we will support you. 

I tried the Lumi Spa with Joey. 
It's really quite simple. 
Just watch the YouTube video.


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