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Our 2 donkeys "Mr. Jack" & "Popeye"


Mr. Jack

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Mr. Jack is the best companion of the horse "Woody" .

He was confiscated by the Horse Care Unit in a township in Port Elizabeth.

This non-profit organization saves hundreds of donkeys and horses in and around Port Elizabeth every year, provides them with medical care and tries to pass them on to new owners.

Mr.Jack loves to be petted!
He loves long hikes, is super good and uncomplicated.

Mr. Jack likes to hike with guests or to be ridden by children (up to 25 kg ..).



He was discovered 4 years ago on a farm owned by Marie near Alexandria.
All herd members were paralyzed and obviously in pain.

Marie then contacted the organization 
"Horse Care Unit" and together they talked to the owner of the donkey.

According to the owner, it was impossible to catch the 8 wild donkeys in the long grass. 

However, the horseshoe nails did not shorten naturally.  

Donkeys need regular hoof grooming, just like horses. 
The Horse Care Unit team organized a farrier and the donkey was caught and the hooves trimmed.

The overwhelmed owner was grateful for the support.

Unfortunately, an older donkey mare had to be put to sleep. Due to the deformed hooves, she had developed severe osteoarthritis and could never have walked without pain.

Strict conditions were imposed on the owner to look after the donkeys.

Four months later, Marie got a call that another dead donkey had been spotted on the farm, which was caught in a fence.
The owner hadn't even helped.

Another donkey also had to be confiscated,

as the donkey had abscesses that were not medically treated by the owner. 

Now a new home had to be found for the remaining donkeys. 
And so another donkey came to us on the farm.

Our employees have the donkey "Popeye"
baptized as it is definitely the strongest donkey they have ever seen.

In the meantime, Popeye was spayed and neutered 

tamed. The perfect donkey for hiking or horse riding with children.

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