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Experience nature

Small animal zoo

Somehow it so happened that we gradually took in more and more "wild" animals from South Africa, which were either born in captivity or were bottle-raised as orphans; were injured and thus used to people. This gives you the wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with our tame wild animals.

There is a lot of work to do every day in the spacious and species-appropriate enclosures: feeding, cleaning and, of course, petting the animals. If you want, book the half-day activity "Petting zoo" and get up close to our animals!

Our small farm animals "farm"

Where does my food come from?

Since we are strictly against eggs from battery cells and meat from factory farming that is unworthy of animals, the most obvious thing for us is to make sensible use of the space around our house in which we keep a few animals ourselves. So we are guaranteed to know what life the animal has led, how it was fed and how much stress it had - or not had - because we saved it long transport routes and tight, brutal slaughterhouse experiences.

We love animals, but we don't want to give up meat. That is why it is important for us to know where our food comes from.

There is a lot to do and experience in our "mini-farm". Baby animals are born, want to be fed and taken to pasture. Goats and cows have to be milked, eggs have to be collected and sometimes even sheep or goats have to be sheared.

Of course, we also have a petting zoo that is freely accessible to everyone: goats, donkeys, ponies, sheep and many other animals, large and small.

We offer everything from pony riding (pony led by an experienced person) to professional riding lessons (jumping and dressage up to class L) to a creative terrain obstacle course for every big and small rider.

Our donkeys can be borrowed for a hike (after a brief introduction to how to lead donkeys).
Upon request, you can also be "provided" with a picnic basket full of delicious snacks and drinks.

Since we want to live in harmony with African wild animals, all of our animals are locked in a predator-proof stable from the beginning of dusk. It's warm and cozy here. Until now we have never had problems with lynx, jackals, mongooses etc.

Participation farm

Feeding, taking to the pasture, mucking out, collecting eggs, milking - with us even the smallest can lend a hand. There is always a lot to do in our small animal farm! Of course, under supervision. Small wheelbarrows, brooms, buckets and shovels are ready for the "mini farmers" of the future and are waiting for active helpers.

Small animal zoo

On an area of approx. 3 hectares you can get to know smaller wild animals such as lizards, warthogs, birds, mice, rabbits, porcupines, Dassies, snakes and lots of beautiful birds native to South Africa in spacious enclosures that are appropriate to the species.
An afternoon activity for children (and adults) consists of preparing the food, feeding the animals and cleaning the enclosures.

Auf der Farm unterwegs

For thousands of years, humans were fundamentally interwoven in the meaningful network of nature. He possessed vital, innate lines of connection to the nature around him, which he had learned over generations. It was only in the last 100 years that it began to alienate itself more and more quickly from its natural basis of life.

In a time that is characterized by increasing overstimulation and permanent fast pace - through new media and limitless mobility, through advancing globalization and the associated ubiquitous and unrestricted consumption options - more and more children, adolescents and adults suffer from the side effects of this worldly and nature-alien way of life .

But: we are still part of nature!

(Quote: Caroline Rothe)

Samuel entdeckt
Auf der Farm
Aaron entdeckt die Natur
Kinder beobachten eine Schildkröte
Unsere Kinder auf Entdeckungstour
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