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Money & means of payment

Please do not exchange money in Germany!
The rate to the South African rand is miserable and the fees extremely high!

In South Africa there are many different ways to get to the edge or to pay:

Cash exchange at the bank . Takes an extremely long time (it can take an hour before you can exchange the money - be sure to take your passport with you!). The course is bad to very bad and there are also very high fees for swapping.

And already about 8% to 10% of the exchange amount is gone.

Cash withdrawal with the EC card at the ATM

It's not a problem at all (but please inquire whether the EC card for South Africa is "unlocked". You go to the ATM and you will receive the money with the pin
(note that it is called "Withdrawl")

A daily interbank rate is used as a basis.
This is a real advantage for you. The fees are in the moderate range - around € 4 - € 6,

depending on the financial institution. Advantage: it's quick

Withdrawing cash with a credit card

Here, too, you have a better exchange rate, but fees are usually due here as well. A real alternative is the credit card (including a free current account) from the DKB (Deutsche Kredit Bank) or the free Mastercard . These are credit cards with no fees!

Advantage: it's quick!

Pay in shops and at petrol stations.

Even the smallest amounts, such as € 2.00, can be paid anywhere (after acceptance) with the card (regardless of whether it is an EC or credit card). Advantage: You only need a little cash and it is quickest.

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